Rebranding Announcement: We Are SysKit!

When Frane and Toni started Acceleratio many years ago, neither of them could have ever predicted how far we would come; and the moments and success stories we have behind us. And, yet again, here we are today—under the new name SysKit, with four great products, and more than 3,000 satisfied customers.

Now, eight years after, we decided it was time for a change and that, with moving to our new office space, we might do a bit more than remodelling. That’s how we came up with the idea to create a new visual identity and unite all products under one brand – SysKit.

Coming Up with A New Name

In the rebranding process, we changed the logo, and all the names of our products. We went all in.

We figured out that the name SysKit would fit us best since it’s short for system administration toolkit and that’s a field our company specializes in. Soon enough, we came up with the new logo in the shape of the letters “S” and “K” to replace our previous logo’s colourful whale shape. However, to keep a memory of who we were and how we started out, we kept the whale shape in there—notice the shape that the letter makes when rotated.

Say hello to SysKit!

We agreed upon this design after hours of discussion, brainstorming, and collecting feedback from our teammates. This new design was actually the opposite of our previous style, which needed a new, retouched look. The new look has a design that conveys seriousness, safety, and trustworthiness.

The thing that bothered us for a while was that we had a problem trying to unify all our products, and this change perfectly fits into the idea of having one name, and variations of that name, for our products. What we believe that what we have finally achieved is a simple, sophisticated, and serious brand name to follow us on our future journeys.

Products Makeover

After we’ve outlined how we’re gonna pull off the product rebranding, we set the scene for new product names. Then, we brainstormed (and boy, did we have some awesome ideas), argued, persuaded each other, negotiated, discussed, debated, and so on. After several litres of coffee, we’ve reached a consensus, all in favour of keeping our core values. That’s how the names for SysKit Monitor, SysKit SQL Manager, and SysKit Pulse came to life.

Acceleratio to SysKit rebranding


We gave our enterprise software solutions a new look and a new name as well, to go with our new product names. In this process, however, our SharePoint administration tool is the exception to the rule—in SPDocKit, we’ve only changed the name. The only difference that it’s now SPDocKit by SysKit rather than SPDocKit by Acceleratio.

Visual identity

Changing our visual identity was a true breath of fresh air. We’ve made a bold decision to go with a shade of orange and grey. When it’s all put together, it looks something like this!

SysKit official business card

All this has been a lot of work and we’re excited to share our news with you. Tell us what you think! Do you like what we’ve done so far?

And, there’s some more excitement heading our way—we’re moving into our new office space in a few weeks! Woo hoo! Expect photos of our office crib and a new blog as a follow-up!

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