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Are you interested in SharePoint, Office 365, or other Microsoft technologies? Do you find yourselves constantly reading and searching through lots of sites, blogs, forums or other resources, eager for knowledge or fresh news? If so, read on! 

We are proud to present to you NewsPoint!

As its name implies, NewsPoint gathers in one place all the useful information and news on these topics. NewsPoint is a link aggregator, content rating, and discussion portal, with the goal of helping you stay up-to-date while saving you time you would otherwise have to spend surfing multiple sites to find the latest news. 

newspoint - sharepoint and office 365

Whether you are a system engineer, developer, business or power user, you will find useful content that will help you understand Microsoft technologies better and excel in your day-to-day job. The published links will be about Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, and other Microsoft technologies.

The main benefit of NewsPoint is that people who share your passions create it—and anyone can take part in making it a better place by adding content they think needs to be there. That way, you and others will benefit from each other’s content! 

Links from official sources, blogs and submissions from third-party vendors, and news about tools, services, and conferences are all more than welcome. 

So what are you waiting for? Sharing is caring, as they say! Start sharing information and news, commenting, and rating the content: Let’s work together to make NewsPoint a happy place for the whole community! 

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