New SysKit Monitor Licensing: Introducing a Subscription-Based Model

SysKit Monitor is one of the first products from SysKit. As such, it has been present on the market for many years now and it has served many happy users.

But as the market evolved and customers’ needs changed, we have had to adapt our products accordingly. Every year, we conduct an annual survey among our users and listen to what they have to say. One of the changes they asked for in the last survey was a licensing model that better fits the needs of this fast-changing industry. So, we didn’t hesitate much and decided to give them what they asked for.

Pricing Changes and a Subscription-Based Model

To keep up with the latest industry trends and to assure the continuous development of new product functionalities, the SysKit Monitor licensing has changed from perpetual to a subscription model.

SysKit Monitor Editions

SysKit Monitor adapts existing editions and moving forward offers simplified options – Standard Subscription, Professional Subscription, Enterprise Subscription, and Workstation Subscription.

  • All existing subscription models remain as a per-server license module.
  • We have added a Workstation Subscription edition which is based per workstation. For more information contact our sales.
  • All subscription licences are annually based and valid for one year.
Pricing Changes

To go along with the licensing and edition changes, we introduced some pricing changes as well. The new pricing is available at this link. The software assurance fee for major upgrades is included in the cost of the annual license. All existing active quotes will still be honored.

Multi-annual Subscription Renewal Discounts

If you are interested in renewing your subscription for a longer period, such as two, three or five years, you are entitled to additional discounts. Discounts for these subscriptions are stated below:

  • For a two-year subscription: 10%
  • For a three-year subscription: 15%
  • For a five-year subscription: 20%

We are aware that these pricing changes may not fit everybody, but we hope that our loyal customers will recognize our value despite the changes.

Upgrade and Renewals

Our Customer Success team will make sure that upgrade to the subscription-based model for existing customers goes as smoothly as possible. Please feel free to contact us without hesitation for any questions you might have.

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