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IGNITE: What’s new in SharePoint: solutions, templates, pages, and more

The latest SharePoint update covers new features, including templates, Microsoft editor integrations, creating pages and news posts within Teams, collapsible sections, and more.

SharePoint is used by 200 million people around the globe. According to Microsoft, it is the most popular enterprise content management solution, used by over 250 thousand organizations. It’s used by 85% of Fortune 500 companies and many more smaller ones! Now SharePoint has new integrations with Microsoft Teams that will help you transform your internal communications.

What’s new in SharePoint Server Subscription Edition

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What’s new in SharePoint Server Subscription Edition

Templates in SharePoint to start faster

Using templates is one of the easiest ways to get started in SharePoint. Microsoft recently launched site templates for SharePoint. This offers users a scenario-based way to build out SharePoint sites quickly. Microsoft launched some first-party templates that will be enhanced over the coming months. They will add additional scenario-based templates. They are also going to give users the ability to create their own custom site templates. These will show up in the template gallery and offer users the ability to apply a template onto a SharePoint site.

It doesn’t matter if you have a team site, channel site, or communication site, it will allow you to apply activated features. Creating a Microsoft SharePoint site is easy and quick with templates. Users can also add their own content to this pre-existing design, giving them an even faster way of starting with their custom needs.

The newest template innovation is Microsoft 365 Connected Templates. With Microsoft 365 Connected Templates, you will see templates that are scenario-based joined together with SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Users will soon be able to see connections between SharePoint site templates and Teams templates. This means as a user goes into Teams and creates their team, if they select one of these connected templates, the associated SharePoint template will also get applied.

Any resources that are part of that template will be created as part of the SharePoint template automatically and added into Microsoft Teams as a tab. This allows users to have ready-made resources of pages and lists as well as our platform integrations. This will integrate SharePoint and teams together in a way that will make it seamless and easy for users to collaborate with.

Improve grammar with Microsoft editor integrations

Whenever it’s time to create content within SharePoint, you can now rely on new innovation for pages and news, the Microsoft Editor integration. This new integration adds grammar and spell check integrations. This means if you make mistakes while creating a new page, Microsoft editor integrations will start to appear just like they would in Word or other Microsoft Office technologies.

Create SharePoint pages and news posts within Teams

Soon users will be able to create pages and news posts for teams regardless of whether you are using SharePoint or within Teams. This will allow you to create resources, build pages, and create content regardless of which application you are in.

Collapsible sections in SharePoint

Another recent edition to be rolled out to SharePoint is collapsible sections. This allows you to break up a large box of text with images so you don’t have a solid wall of text. Using collapsible sections, you have additional options to break up large pages so that you can make the content easier to read.

Quickly create content from anywhere in SharePoint

The new ability to quickly create content from anywhere in SharePoint is coming soon, and it will be a huge time-saver. How many of you have ever wanted to build that site with just one click? You’ll be able to do so soon. You will have the ability to create content quickly and easily from anywhere within SharePoint. Now you’ll be able to build and create sites using the Create bar in SharePoint.

SharePoint improvements

SharePoint has been around for a long time, but it’s still improving. The latest update to the platform includes many new features and improvements that can be found across all aspects of the site, including templates, Microsoft editor integrations, creating pages and news posts within Teams, collapsible sections, and more.

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