How to Manage Office 365 Groups – Webinar with Todd Klindt

This week, we held a webinar with the one and only Todd Klindt about Office 365 Groups management. We all know how tough Office 365 Groups administration can be. All those orphaned Groups, guest users, and dead Groups content make admins cringe in horror.  But, don’t despair!  Todd has explained it all for you – feel free to check the webinar recording

Most Common Pain Points of Office 365 Groups Management

We went through the most common admin pain points of managing Office 365 Groups.

  • Automatic creation of Office 365 Groups in modern SharePoint and Office 365
  • Knowing who are the owners and members of Office 365 Groups
  • Guest users and external sharing in Office 365 Groups
  • Disability to nest Groups
  • Managing Office 365 Groups ownership
  • Office 365 Groups governance and planning
  • Office 365 Groups creation restriction, expiration and naming policies

If you think we didn’t cover all the pain points, please tell us in the comments, and we’ll try to address them.

Office 365 Groups Management Webinar Recording

If you didn’t manage to catch the live event, don’t worry! We have recorded the webinar, so you can check it out whenever you want. In another blog, we’ll cover the most common questions people were asking us regarding Office 365 Groups management and governance.

Office 365 Groups Management Tool – SysKit Security Manager

Dear reader, this is the functionality of our former product, SysKit Security Manager. Check out our new cloud-based Microsoft 365 governance solution, SysKit Point, to monitor user activity, manage permissions, make reports, and govern your users and resources.

Managing Office 365 Groups is so much easier with the right tool! Luckily, we have just the right one for you 🙂 Schedule a demo and never worry about manually managing Groups again!

create & add members in office 365 groups

List all Groups in the SharePoint Online tenant and get an overview of each group’s owners, members, and guests.

Track every Office 365 Group activity in the last 30 days with our Office 365 Groups audit feature

Explore associated Office 365 Groups’ site collections.

In a few clicks, create a new group, assign owner(s) and add members.

Easily remove group owner(s) and member(s).

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