How to handle common administrator tasks on Remote Desktop Services

We all know it’s not nice to point fingers, but as system administrator you should be aware of who is doing what, when, and where, in case unexpected situations occur. To gain precise insights and keep track of RDS you need to be aware of these four common problems that might keep reoccurring. SysKit is here to help you tackle these common problems.

SysKit, previously known as Terminal Service Log, was developed mainly to make your system managing easier by combining various tools allowing you to monitor server’s performances, applications and user activities in real-time.

1. How to keep track of user sessions

With User Reports you can monitor user activity when they connect to the server.

Go to User Reports > Summary Reports > Session Log Summary to view some of the most common data collected from all users.

See which user is connected to which server, keep track of user logons and logoffs, monitor a user by active and idle state on the server, as well as see the total time a user spent on the server.

Users' Activities Monitoring

You can filter reports by using search queries to specifically target group, individual servers or users.

User Activity by State

2. How to monitor application usage

Click on Application Reports to view frequently used applications for a specific server or time period, which user used a certain application – user start and end time in the application as well as total time spent using the application.

You can also check whether time spent in an app was active or idle, track number of users who are using applications over a selected period.

Go to Application Reports > Summary Reports > Application Usage Summary to see reports on application usage by user, server or time period depending on your filter options to give you detailed overview shown in bar chart.


This image above shows you summarized data about application usage – the number of application instances and time spent (active or idle) using a particular application.

3. How to monitor license usage

License managing is a useful action for your company’s budgeting.

SysKit helps you easily detect over or under licensed applications and allows you to save a few bucks.

License Reports monitor Application License Reports, Client License Reports and Office License Reports.

Head to License Reports > Application License Reports > License Compliance to see information on available, consumed and remaining application per user licenses.

Licence Compliance

4. How to audit user logon events

Security Log Reports can tell you more about logon history and give you an overview on all servers.

Among these Security Log Reports you can find File System Audit Reports, Logon Audit Reports, Blocked IP Addresses.

Click on Security Log Reports > Logon Audit Reports > Logon Audit to view all user logon attempts – failed and successful logon attempts on Windows servers.

The report gives you insight into:

  • account name
  • account domain
  • source workstation name
  • source IP address
  • time and date


Blocked IP Addresses

If you wish to manage Blocked IP Addresses go to Security Log Reports > Blocked IP Addresses.

By changing options and values in Blocked IP Addresses, after certain fail attempts, you can determine and lock out possible intruders.


And that’s it, it really that simple!

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