Monitor SharePoint changes instantly with SPDocKit alerts!

The new SPDocKit 6.2 brings some brand-new features and important updates, as well as redesigned and re-engineered options. I’d like to discuss one of these, SPDocKit alerts. The big hype is about our alerts, which alongside SPDocKit help you better understand and manage your SharePoint environment.

SPDocKit alerts notify you when certain site collections or permissions are changed, as well as when critical issues are detected. Alerts are sent when changes are detected between the last two snapshots.

The SPDocKit team has created two different types of alerts ­­– alerts based on a comparison and SharePoint best practices alerts.

SharePoint Comparison Alerts

Alerts based on comparison include alerts for the following features:

  • Farm Differences: tracks all configuration changes made on your farm
  • Permission Differences: tracks permissions changed on a site or any other level, such as a subsite, document library, a specific folder, or even a file
  • Group to Group Compare: compares group members for two different groups
  • Membership Differences: tracks how group membership has changed over time

SharePoint Best Practices Alerts

The Best Practices alerts are now available for any of the SharePoint Best Practices reports.

You can set up Best Practices alerts to keep track of SharePoint configuration settings. This means you’ll be notified every time a metric reaches critical status.

Set up Alerts for SharePoint Changes

From the SPDocKit interface, you can create your own alerts that will send you email notifications containing information on all settings changed in your SharePoint.

  1. Start SPDocKit and navigate to the Backstage Configuration Screen.
  2. Click Subscriptions and Alerts, then click New Alert and navigate to the Reports Click Add Report.
  3. Choose the report group you would like to follow, type in the attachment name, and select the format (PDF, XLSX, or DOCX).
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Save & Close.

SharePoint farm changes alerts


SPDocKit alerts are sent after a Snapshot is taken, but only if changes are detected or a metric has reached a critical status. You can choose for all the relevant details to be sent to you via email, or they can be uploaded to a SharePoint library or saved to a FileShare. All alerts can additionally be edited or deleted.

The information in a SharePoint site tends to grow too quickly and farm configurations change continually. For that reason, it’s crucial to monitor your SharePoint farm and keep track of all SharePoint changes.

Tell us what you think!

I hope the newly added alerts are going to help you track SharePoint changes made to your site.

Now let’s start a discussion – we would really like to hear from you. What alerts would you like to see in future SPDocKit versions?

For those of you who haven’t experienced the full power of what SPDocKit can do to help you manage your SharePoint site, try a free trial and tell us if you like it.

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