Configure report subscription delivery methods

In this blog post we will go to through steps on how to configure available options for SysKit subscription delivery methods.

To generate and compose your Remote Desktop Session Host reports more easily and make them more accessible, SysKit features allow you to choose on different methods of delivering reports.

Configure report subscription delivery methods

Email Subscriptions

Most companies have and use SharePoint on daily basis. It only seems fair to deliver reports directly to companies making it easily accessible when needed.To adjust subscription delivery settings, go to File > Manage > Subscriptions and get a close insight and manage report delivery by adjusting data range and temper with daily or weekly report sending.

Via subscription managing you can not only see these configurations but also add new subscriptions, edit existing ones or ever when needed, delete them; as well as send them instantly. To get a better overview, you can use the search tool.

Go to File > Manage > Subscriptions > Configure> Options > Send e-mails to configure

  • Outgoing e-mail settings (SysKit delivers reports by e-mail)
  • Period (how often delivery reports are executed)
  • Email presentation options
  • Delivery Options

Manage Subscriptions

Outgoing email settings enables you to configure the outgoing SMTP server and sender e-mail address.

Via Test email settings button you can test specified configuration.

After configuring necessary values, click Save.

Email subsriptions

Network Save and SharePoint Location

Apart from mailing, there are two additional methods of delivery: Save to File Share option and Save to a SharePoint Document Library.

Go to File > Manage > Subscriptions > Configure > Options > Export where you can modify the appearance of the exported reports.

Here you can configure locations for Subscription saving.

Choose between Printing Options, Network Save Location and SharePoint Save Location.

Export_Subscription saving

After you’ve defined locations for your reports to be exported to, don’t forget to click Save and you’re done!

That’s all it takes, just a few steps to easily set up subscription delivery methods. If you need any additional help, feel free to contact us.