Citrix XenApp Monitoring

In this blog post we will talk about ways that you can monitor your Citrix XenApp farm with the help of our SysKit tool.

SysKit (previously known as Terminal Services Log) is powerful monitoring and reporting tool that systematizes aggregated data from multiple farms and generates exhaustive reports on all farms. This way you can monitor your Citrix XenApp farm more easily and from a single monitoring console.


With SysKit you can monitor your Citrix environment with the help of CPU load reports and other performance counters, processes, services, and events. You can even generate different report and monitor XenApp user activity data for all users in the Citrix farm.

By further monitoring and analyzing metrics with SysKit, you can detect problems when they occur therefor increasing your company’s efficiency.

Citrix XenApp user activity monitoring

By monitoring user activity on Citrix XenApp with SysKit you can collect data from all users when they connect to the server. For example, who is connected, from which computer the user connected, time when did they connect, how long they were connected and whether they were active or idle during their session.

Unlike some other tools SysKit (previously known as Terminal Services Log) is able to monitor directly the Citrix ICA protocol level and extract certain details from the protocol. For example information if a user was active or idle in the ICA session.

You have seen a million times in Citrix AppCenter (or Delivery Services Console in XenApp 6) that a user had been in the session for some time. SysKit can then extract from the protocol the total time a certain user spent active or idle in the session. Active means that the user was doing something in the sessions and idle means that the user session was idle, so no any activity by the end user was generated.

SysKit can also provide you with data for all users in an easy-to-read format.

Check out User Reports > Summary Reports to access information and data such as time report on user connections to servers, track user logons and logoffs, view most active users by time spent on the server and for employees who have hourly wage you can easily calculate payrolls with the help of Resource Cost Overview.


In the screenshot above you can see the summary for all users. Here you can see the first log on time on the XenApp server, log off time from the server and total active or idle time that each user spent on the servers. Then can filter data per Active Directory organization units, server farms or just for a particular users. You can generate different views and generate various XenApp user activity data for all users in the Citrix farm.

Also in User Reports, you can view User Activity Timeline report to find to show you log entries for a specific user during a selected day e.g. check activities per session name.


Additionally, with User Activity by Group and User Activity by OU you can view time spent on the server by all users in each group or view time spent on the server by each user in organizational unit.


We hope we were helpful with this blog post by convincing you how SysKit can be useful to you and your company. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us.  In the meantime, try our 30-day free trial.