Monitor Citrix XenApp concurrent user’s logs and XenApp published app logs

We already mentioned the importance of Citrix XenApp user activity monitoring and in this article we will try to cover some other very important segments you need to take into consideration when monitoring Citrix XenApp farm.

Citrix XenApp concurrent user’s logs

In the Citrix XenApp the most important thing from the licensing perspective is to monitor the number of concurrent users connecting to the server farm. As Citrix XenApp is licensed per concurrent user you need to understand if you have enough licenses for all the concurrent users connecting to your server farm. SysKit (formerly Terminal Services Log) provides you with that data from the licensing perspective to check if you are in compliance with Citrix. SysKit will not only provide you with the total number of concurrent users that are connecting to your farm but you will also understand licensing usage over time. So you can compare data for each particular day in the month and you can track licensing usage over time. On top of that, you can even check XenApp concurrent usage for each hour in a day so, for example, you will always see that the maximum number of used licenses is around lunch time. If you have users connecting to the XenApp servers from around the world then usage will be mostly the same over time as you will see users connecting to the farm at different times during the day.

If you need to bill your client based on the concurrent usage of the Citrix farm, no problem, you just select your customer name and generate an easy-to-use report that will provide them with the data about the usage of the farm. Reports generated need to be in an easy-to-read format because sometimes non-technical people, for example from the accounting or billing department, will need to understand the reports and bill your clients accordingly. You can even configure SysKit to send monthly reports with the Citrix usage and everyone will have reports in PDF or Excel every first day of the month so you do not need to worry if you are going to generate billing reports on the time, it will be performed automatically for you based on the Citrix XenApp farm usage by your clients or your users.

Concurrent applications


Real Citrix XenApp Published/Streamed app logs

Have you ever wanted to report on the real Citrix XenApp published application name? Some applications provide usage of the applications but those apps cannot provide the full name of the application in Citrix. Let’s take a look at the following case. You are publishing some kind of internal applications in Internet explorer 6 or 7 and every application is accessed via different URL. Other monitoring software will provide information that only Internet Explorers were used on your farm but you want to know each application internal name because you gave the applications different names based on the URL those apps are accessing. SysKit will use Citrix MFCOM or PowerShell remoting to capture the full name of the real Citrix published application so you will have the accurate usage of all the different published apps in your Citrix XenApp farm.

citrix application name
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That’s all for this article. In the following articles we will cover Network throughput, memory utilization per users and for each published app in the Citrix XenApp farm, disk bottlenecks etc.