SysKit SQL Manager

[Video] SQL Server Performance: SysKit and SQLDocKit join forces!

In this blog post, we give you a short summary from last week’s webinar on the topic of SQL Server Performance with SysKit and SQLDocKit. Check out the webinar to learn how to use the combined powers of SysKit and SQLDocKit to monitor specific SQL Server performance counters and services, forecast performance-related events, and align your SQL Server settings with the latest best practices from Microsoft to maintain a healthy and optimized SQL environment.

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Azure SQL Database Auditing and Documenting

SQLDocKit supports auditing SQL Servers and databases hosted in Azure! SQLDocKit can document all the Azure SQL Server and database settings such as server versions, memory, processor info and a list of all databases associated with an Azure SQL server, editions, and statuses.

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Enhance your admin superpowers with SQLDocKit 7

Considering all the challenges that every DBA faces, our primary goal for this release was to ease SQL management and deliver new features that will help you in keeping your SQL environment secure. Your favorite SQL administration tool just got even better. Here’s a short overview of the novelties and new features delivered in this version.

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