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SysKit survey results and prize winners

SysKit survey results and prize winners - featured image

To tailor an even better product experience and get a perspective of SysKit’s reception by our clients, we sent out an annual survey to all SysKit users. The main focus of this survey was on finding out how satisfied users are with our product and which improvements they would like to see in future releases.

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We have just released SysKit 2016 R2 – 8.0.1

We have shipped SysKit 2016 R2 – 8.0.1. It’s one of the minor releases with a couple of bug fixes.

We are constantly improving our products to make your experience even better. We appreciate any feedback so feel free to send us all suggestions for new features and improvements. Still haven’t tried SysKit? 30-Day Free Trial is available!

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SysKit 2016 R2 – 8.0 – 20,000 Metrics Under the Sea!

SysKit 2016 R2 – 8.0 – 20,000 Metrics Under the Sea! - featured image

With update 2016 R2 – 8.0, SysKit is bringing you some revolutionary new features! The biggest addition is the ability to analyze SharePoint performance and track all existing server performance metrics. Let’s just say that’s A LOT OF METRICS! In addition, you can now generate automated server documentation using PowerShell, monitor specific server roles, and split your servers into multiple logical groups.

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2016 SysKit survey analysis and prize winners

2016 SysKit survey analysis and prize winners - featured image

Since our top priority is to keep our customers happy, we decided that the beginning of the year was the right time to conduct our annual SysKit satisfaction survey, and find out what users think about our tool. Check out the interesting stats in our infographic and the results of SysKit survey.

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How to upgrade RDGM and TSL to SysKit

The upgrade to SysKit for existing Terminal Services Log and Remote Desktop Gateway Monitor customers is fully supported through the installation and configuration wizard. The question is how do you upgrade? To help answer that question, we have prepared this article.

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[Infographic] Facts about SysKit (formerly known as Terminal Services Log) customers

Along with new improvements and releases comes even greater responsibility to make sure our customers are happy with the product. Over 1500 companies – both small and large – and more than 40 different industry sectors have already chosen SysKit to serve this purpose. To learn more about them, check out interesting facts about our costumers in new infographic.

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[Infographic] The High Cost of Unused Software

Did you know that companies in the U.S. are spending $6.6 billion on unused software?! Don’t be one of those companies! Don’t let unused software drain your budget! Monitor license usage on a user-friendly interface with SysKit (formerly known as Terminal Services Log).

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