Auditing employee activity on a server

When auditing employee activity, your main goal should be to get a general overview of what users are doing on servers during working hours.

In an age when procrastination is a common habit among employees working 9 to 5, employee tracking solutions are gaining in popularity. We believe that tracking and monitoring every key stroke an employee makes is taking it to extremes. However, user activity can be monitored in a far less intrusive manner and without infringing an employee’s privacy.

Auditing employee activity gives a company a real picture for how its team is utilizing company resources, such as servers and workstations. It is also a great way to figure out how to motivate people, boost employee productivity as well as enhance business efficiency.

Benefits of auditing employee activity with SysKit

SysKit is a server monitoring solution that uses non-intrusive methods to help your management and company executives produce better strategies. With the multiple features SysKit has to offer, you can track and audit employee activity on sessions running on ICA and Remote Desktop Protocol. This means that with SysKit, you can see which employees connected to a certain server and when. Each logon and logoff is recorded, so that you can later analyze sessions from various angles.

When planning future investments, promotions or even salary raises, you may wish to pinpoint the underperformers, the most active users or even odd employee session behavior, and to do so, you don’t have to go through the data for every user manually.

SysKit can even help your HR Department provide the cost per view and, use it to create billing reports and paycheck statements.

Some of the most notable tasks SysKit can do are:

  • Monitor remote access to Remote Desktop Servers
  • Audit employee activity on a server
  • Track sessions running via Remote Desktop Protocol
  • Oversee connections to your servers made via Remote Desktop Gateway

For auditing employee activity on your servers, SysKit will generate all the reports for you and you can even schedule them to be sent to you via email. You can print them out and discuss any doubts with your colleagues.

All of SysKit 26 user-oriented reports are designed to tell you what users are doing on servers while they’re doing it. For example, you can use SysKit user reports to see who is using the RD Gateway to access a corporate network or simply get an overview of user idle times. Perhaps, you want an insight into how much of an employee’s time is spent on the system in different states, active or idle? Why, of course! You can finally see when an employee logs on and off, time they spent disconnected or on remote control. Also, you can combine two groups of reports, for example, user reports and application usage reports, to get a cross section of which applications are frequently used and by which users. All these insights could be used for a pay-per-performance salary system.

Download SysKit and unleash its full monitoring and reporting power to help you easily monitor your server environment. Do you have some ideas of your own? If you have suggestions regarding SysKit reports, or perhaps you think we should implement a new feature or report, be sure to contact us and send us a report framework.

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