It’s Not an April Fool’s Joke: Adis Jugo is our Chief Strategy Officer!

We are richer with yet another great addition to our SysKit team – Adis Jugo has joined us as our Chief Strategy Officer! We know what you might think, but it’s not an April’s Fool joke. 🙂

Adis is an experienced Office365, Azure, and SharePoint architect and developer. He is also a Microsoft MVP, a speaker, and one of the European Collaboration Summit organizers. That being said, you can see why we are so excited to have Adis join our team!

Adis has been a long time promoter of SysKit products and a great source of valuable insights and product feedback, as he is a man of great expertise in the SharePoint and Office 365 realm. We are always looking for new ways of improving our tools and feedback from the field and user inputs are a huge part of making our products great. Adis has always contributed to this feedback, based on his valuable experience as a longtime member of the SharePoint and now Office 365 community.

Having this in mind, we decided to take it a step further and turn this occasional collaboration into a strategic partnership!

We are all tremendously excited to be bringing Adis on board, as his experience in the field of Office 365 is vital in helping us further improve our products and expand our business.” – Toni Frankola, CEO at SysKit.

As a Chief Strategy Officer, Adis will help us in developing product and sales strategies that will improve our market presence and enrich our product portfolio with some exciting new features! His extensive knowledge and experience will be a good foundation for developing great product features and improving the existing ones. In addition, he will be working hard on promoting our products through the partner network.

The SysKit crew will join Adis at the Collaboration Summit in Germany this year. Our CEO Toni and Adis will be speakers at the conference, so if you plan to pay a visit, make sure you hear the talks from both of these guys. We’ll be happy if you drop by the SysKit booth and say hello!

We are looking forward to this new collaboration and we’re sure that big things are going to happen with Adis on our side!

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